We have enjoyed helping millions of churches, teams, groups, and individuals raise some EASY money for whatever their cause.  We want to help YOU do the same today.  We ship to the entire continental U.S.!


I am a U.S. military veteran, a husband, and father of 6 beautiful children. I am very proud of this business and how many people we have helped along the way.  I felt compelled to join in the process and am now working along side my wife full time.  We enjoy the flexibility of being able to juggle the children, their activities, each other, and this amazing business as well.  I manage our warehouse in Cleveland, GA to ensure all orders are processed correctly and on time.  I will be the person you see if you pick up your order and am always available to help with any questions or concerns regarding your order. 

From our family to yours, thank you for allowing us this incredible opportunity to serve you and your family, while serving ours as well.  May God Bless you and yours always.  

Marcia Myers, CEO & Founder

The Laundry Mama, Inc.

  The Myers Family

Here are the reasons we work so hard to not only serve YOU, but to serve them and teach them to be good stewards along the way.  These are most of our children and you will see all of them occasionally at the warehouse pitching in when needed.  We are very proud to be able to teach our children daily about hard work and serving others!

Left to Right:  Joshua, Addison, Marcia, Mike, Jacob, Ava, and Memphis was in Mommy's tummy here :)  We are missing our oldest son, Storm and of course the youngest in this picture.  We are so proud of our big family! 

I enjoyed a successful career in dental practice management for many years.  However, after having our 4th child, I was elected as the Fundraising Director for the kids' football/cheer recreation park.  It was a nightmare to figure out how to raise money.  Selling unessecary things to moms and dads with not much extra money, was more difficult than I had imagined.  Realizing one day around that time just how much we were spending on laundry detergent each week at the grocery store, the idea of The Laundry Mama, Inc. was born.  Yes, my children's football and cheer teams were our very first guinea pigs and it was amazing how the parents loved the products and the idea of buying something they needed and helping out at the same time. 

Soon after, we began this amazing business and as it grew, I was able to quite my job and dive in full force into this wonderful adventure of helping other teams and groups all across the country.  

I now reside in the beautiful North Georgia mountains with my incredible husband who has supported me every step of the way.  Together, we have 6 wonderful children who certainly keep us on our toes!  My faith and core Christian values help me to keep this busy family and business running smoothly.  I am humbled and honored daily to be able to help and serve so many others all across the country.  Dream Big and Work Hard!

Mike Myers, Executive Vice - President

The Laundry Mama, Inc.